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  • 5e5d779 update changelog for new release
  • 07f0b6e Merge pull request #35 from sensu/js/refactor-invert-match
  • 743472e Merge pull request #30 from sensu/js/require-match-expr
  • 8431d4f fix env var typo
  • 9176428 Refactor invert logic to apply to threshold based alerting
  • 7638c7d Merge pull request #32 from sensu/js/suppress-matching-string
  • 484f817 Upgrade json-iterator
  • 8ba42c6 update the matching file output text to give a better indication of what is happening when inverse matching flag is used
  • 5a8fd54 restrict default output to 1 line per matching file
  • a20b84f add option to suppress matching info from check output
  • 418e509 fix check args test
  • f61ed72 make --match-expr a required argument

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