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sensu-check-log is a Sensu Check and log file analyzer plugin for
Sensu Go. The program scans a set of log files, checks for matches, and sends
a special alert event to the agent events API when a match is detected.

The check itself will return a 0 status, unless execution fails for
some reason (ex: if one of the files can not be read)

Usage examples


Check Log

  sensu-check-log [flags]
  sensu-check-log [command]

Available Commands:
  help        Help about any command
  version     Print the version number of this plugin

  -d, --state-directory string       Directory where check will hold state for each processed log file. Note: checks using different match expressions should use different state directories to avoid conflict. (Required)
  -f, --log-file string              Log file to check. (Required if --log-file-expr not used)
  -e, --log-file-expr string         Log file regexp to check. (Required if --log-file not used)
  -m, --match-expr string            RE2 regexp matcher expression. (required)
  -p, --log-path string              Log path for basis of log file regexp. Only finds files under this path. (Required if --log-file-expr used) (default "/var/log/")
  -s, --match-event-status int       Event status to return on match in generated event. (default 1)
  -b, --max-bytes int                Max number of bytes to read (0 means unlimited).
  -a, --analyzer-procs int           Number of parallel analyzer processes per file. 
  -t, --check-name-template string   Check name to use in generated events (default "{{ .Check.Name }}-alert")
  -u, --events-api-url string        Agent Events API URL. (default "http://localhost:3031/events")
  -D, --disable-event-generation     Disable event generation, send results to stdout instead.
  -I, --ignore-initial-run           Suppresses alerts for any matches found on the first run of the plugin.
  -i, --inverse-match                Inverse match, only generate alert event if no lines match.
  -r, --reset-state                  Allow automatic state reset if match expression changes, instead of failing.
  -n, --dry-run                      Suppress generation of events and report intended actions instead. (implies verbose)
  -v, --verbose                      Verbose output, useful for testing.
  -h, --help                         help for sensu-check-log

Environment variables

Argument Environment Variable
--log-file CHECK_LOG_FILE
--log-file-expr CHECK_LOG_FILE_EXPR
--log-path CHECK_LOG_PATH
--match-event-status CHECK_LOG_MATCH_EVENT_STATUS
--check-name-template CHECK_LOG_CHECK_NAME_TEMPLATE
--events-api-url CHECK_LOG_EVENTS_API_URL
--disable-event-generation CHECK_LOG_DISABLE_EVENT_GENERATION
--ignore-initial-run CHECK_LOG_IGNORE_INITIAL_RUN

Event generation

By default, sensu-check-log will attempt to create a new alert event if a log match
is found for any of the files selected to be checked. This makes it possible for the check
to run repeatedly without automatically resolving alerts generated from previously found
log matches. The primary event associated with the sensu-check-log can still be used to
detect operational faults such as a missing log file, or errors writing into the state directory.

The generated alert event is created using the local Sensu agent's event api url.
You can disable event generation by using --disable-event-generation or --dry-run arguments

Note: Event generation requires Sensu Go check configuration stdin:true

Check Name Template

This check provides options for using a golang template aware string to populate the check name in the generated event.
By default the check name is populated using a template that modifies the calling check name from the event passed into the command from stdin.
More information on template syntax and format can be found in the documentation


All arguments for these checks are tunable on a per entity or check basis based
on annotations. The annotations keyspace for this collection of checks is You can make use of annotation overrides
when the check is configured with stdin: true.

NOTE: Due to check token substituion, supplying a template value such
as for check-name-template as a check annotation requires that you place the
desired template as a golang string literal (enlcosed in backticks)
within another template definition. This does not apply to entity annotations.


To customize the event api url as an entity annotation, you could use a
sensu-agent configuration snippet similar to this:

# /etc/sensu/agent.yml example
annotations: ''


Asset registration

Sensu Assets are the best way to make use of this plugin. If you're not using an asset, please
consider doing so! If you're using sensuctl 5.13 with Sensu Backend 5.13 or later, you can use the
following command to add the asset:

sensuctl asset add sensu/sensu-check-log

If you're using an earlier version of sensuctl, you can find the asset on the [Bonsai Asset Index][].

Check definition


Example of configuring a check configuration to match the word 'error' in a case-insensitive manner using RE compatible regexp syntax"

type: CheckConfig
api_version: core/v2
  name: sensu-check-log
  command: sensu-check-log -f /var/log/messages.log -m "(?i)error" -d /tmp/sensu-check-log-error/
  stdin: true
  - sensu/sensu-check-log

Example of configuring a check configuration to match lines without the word 'success' in a case-insensitive manner using RE compatible regexp syntax"

type: CheckConfig
api_version: core/v2
  name: sensu-check-log
  command: sensu-check-log -f /var/log/messages.log -m "(?i)success" -i -d /tmp/sensu-check-log-not-success/
  stdin: true
  - sensu/sensu-check-log

Installation from source

The preferred way of installing and deploying this plugin is to use it as an Asset. If you would
like to compile and install the plugin from source or contribute to it, download the latest version
or create an executable script from this source.

From the local path of the sensu-check-log repository:

go build

Additional notes


For more information about contributing to this plugin, see Contributing.

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