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67766af preparing for 0.5.0 release
ffa39d3 Merge pull request #28 from sensu/js/add-offset-to-output
48e73b6 disable test on windows
58d8c0d fix tests to work on windows filesystem
a3d3bb5 fix for test on windows
5d96fda add test for error condition with cached file offset is less than 0
0bb36f4 Merge branch 'main' into js/add-offset-to-output
d2aecfe Merge pull request #27 from sensu/js/fix-broken-verbose-check
41d6cd6 make offset < 0 error out with a message
3c374ed make the output for end of log message verbose output
bd37b2f make testing webserver access log lines unique
eb98339 Track file offset for each matching log line, and output as result json
02e46ba fix broken logic to detect that log file is stale
a14b4d9 add test that fails on log rotate when verbose is false

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