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415ae92 update goreleaser to ignore freebsd arm64
7ceb7a5 update goreleaser workflow
aa3ce65 preparing to release 0.3.0
b1036b7 Merge pull request #12 from sensu/js/sdk-refactor
8d34144 update changelog with pending changes
410afbc update changelog with pending changes
a3b65de update changelog with pending changes
535aff5 use fmt instead of log package for verbose and error output
7c12ad2 fix linter warning
f3ee323 create test for stdin detection logic
c18ba4e update comment to match new logic
4d5c4c0 more test coverage
50a345b don't run file permission related error condition tests on Windows
a340827 more test coverage
a572e41 more test coverage
a778e67 fix corner case when inverseMatching is set to true, but no state exists yet
f1dc9ed do not run directory permissions write error test on windows
c995cf9 fix gitignore to allow for tests to work
f1dbaf6 make linter happy
c931e7a update testing to include refactored processLogFile function
f8892b1 make linter happy
2c57b8d refactor log file processing to ensure only 1 open file at a time
9fae6a9 refactor state files into binary files using encoding/gob
25a6fde provide /var/log as the sane default for --log-path
ad28bbc remove snake case variable
f8f38e9 add missing error handling situation
228bc73 refactor to use corev2 instead of types
f396b15 fix typo in Readme
76b47a7 add inverse-match to envvar table
7e4b4db fix typo in Readme
158046d fix typo in Readme
a2dcc47 make linter happy
2517f7a implement inverse match
8ae689b update SendEvent tests
93eccb0 update readme to match refectored code
df8f385 more work on handling cases when event sending is disabled
e3f688d validate cases where event passed through stdin is required or not
b862b40 check to make sure state directory exists or abort with error
1d23c9b slightly better logic for handling if file is updated/replaced after we've read to the end in previous read
3212317 update .gitignore
cf7eb57 add event.go file for output event manipulation functions in main package
f311e2f refactor sendEvent
7833c1a add lint github action workflow
e12f4fa more refactor to better handle state on disk
ea4d782 refactor to use sensu-plugin-sdk

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