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v0.4.0 · public · Published over 3 years ago

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d7d1f4b release 0.4.0
c7e0f16 Merge pull request #7 from sensu/json-tags
646afa0 updated changelog
8ad9257 update tests to expect map[string]string json
95a798a use a map[string]string of tag.Name = tag.Value pairs
216dc59 Merge pull request #6 from sensu/fix-goreleaser-sha-algorithm
289270f updated changelog
ff9da8a use sha512
07f218c Merge pull request #5 from sensu/sslmode
ce33785 add test for invalid sslmodes
ae06bbe reorder validation logic
f70d0d0 fix linting error
dfcddc8 fix broken test
85e7abe ran gofmt -w; will this fix linter errors?
7c5e3b2 add command flag and config validation for sslmode
f84c0db Revert enterprise handler
b6a13b1 Merge pull request #3 from sensu/modules
d9593b3 Rename github workflows dir structure
f438c70 Update Sensu Go and SDK dependencies with the correct modules
81510b6 fix goreleaser
36f9129 only build for supported backend platforms
8fcf902 update goreleaser config
681aca0 0.1.0 release
7c0d445 add bonsai & goreleaser configs
c8bc0b5 update link to CI builds in README
18affe2 add .travis.yml
6687b5d some fixes, add README
970f390 add more tests
fa6e699 initial commit

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