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  • d01fd3b bump changelog for v3 release
  • 4044ee3 updates for mvp test(s)
  • 537bc5e fix code block
  • 6b0dff1 updated readme to s/host/url/
  • ad9df87 propogate errors; resolves lint errors???
  • f37e129 fix linting errors
  • 6c68389 fix linting errors
  • f5ef88a fix linting errors
  • 16d11dd first step towards actual testing
  • 6435b2f update debug examples to use SNOW URL instead of host
  • f3e5ec0 configure SNOW w/ a URL instead of host
  • 87b1ec8 updated changelog
  • f4925a1 updated README with complete handler definition examples
  • a18ca1f updated --help output
  • 92f3ee1 updated annotation keyspace, --help text, readme
  • 835f757 add debug notes
  • 45ca495 comment old test
  • 39465da comment old test
  • 7c5ecf1 comment old test
  • affe427 remove old/commented code
  • 5d63f8b gofmt to fix linting errors
  • 47154c7 cleaned up example config files
  • 3bd49ae wip --event-managmenet docs
  • 5db1723 updated incident management docs
  • 9447e85 custom cmdb property clarification
  • fc2be74 custom cmdb property clarification
  • bb795a7 cleanup default value docs
  • fb4425f document --cmdb-discovery and make --cmdb-discovery-subscriptions actually work
  • d1132ca updated CMDB registration docs; finish adding support for custom CMDB name templates
  • 9392ee2 updated CMDB registration docs; finish adding support for custom CMDB name templates
  • 002c6e0 update example configuration snippets w/ multi-line operator
  • 9a64258 updated readme headings, links
  • a27534c updated readme
  • 85c10d9 add sensu bits
  • 3c7dda4 asset tag templating on CI update
  • 7aec50c add CMDB CI url annotation
  • af5f952 updated readme
  • 51b56d0 updated readme
  • aa9778f updated readme
  • 67f7e5a gofmt
  • 0d8a046 working CMDB discovery & Sensu Entity PATCH
  • c858a5b add support for asset tag templates
  • 7a18dd8 support for custom incident properties
  • b60171b functional cmdb custom property updates
  • 4c949f2 functional custom CI properties!!
  • c9a9846 gofmt
  • 2561cc6 functional CMDB CI update support
  • 95c011b functional CMDB CI creation support
  • 3755b26 validate configuration
  • c68cfd7 updated README w/ new --help output
  • f9ca163 updated README w/ new --help output
  • ca304ba functional ManageIncident function
  • 07dbda4 functional incident updates
  • 33023f5 function incident creation
  • 9487ab5 functional incident queries
  • 80bf3db functional prototype resource getter
  • 96d8a53 ground zero; bootstrap generic struct & helper methods
  • 00b61cf ground zero; bootstrap generic struct & helper methods
  • 8d477fa reorg config parameters; the plugin compiles but there are errors in execution
  • 4e3be2b bump sdk version; enable secret mode for more config fields

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