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87f0033 preparing for 2.2.0 release
c648e24 Merge pull request #39 from sensu/enhancement/pager-teams
fed1c65 lets make the config options even more consistent
055c6b9 make pager team config argument naming consistent
f0d121a add empty suffix test
e6df4ab replace prefix references with suffix
d4b5e1c add pager teams to README nav
aabc797 update the readme with pager_team functionality
6fafc32 add test for sanitizing pager team name
d474a3e sanitize pager team suffix for legal characters
0c071d7 refactor prefix back to suffix, remove shorthand arguments for pager-team arguments
df0e77e Merge branch 'main' into enhancement/pager-teams
a94266f Merge pull request #37 from sensu/maintenance/handler-updates
fbf5bdc Merge branch 'main' into enhancement/pager-teams
22de003 Implement pager_team name feature, with test
e691507 * Q1 '21 handler maintenance: * Updated modules (go get -u && go mod tidy) * Updated GitHub Actions: Added Lint action * Updated build to Go 1.14 * Output log message from sending event to PagerDuty * README updates
5d1e674 Merge pull request #35 from nixwiz/issue/readme_check_annotations
2d21c81 Updated README for using templates in check annoations
4936a96 Update to include Todd's feedback and suggestions
acfcd0c Hillary revisions
2d86428 fix workflow badge links
72d9299 change badges to html div
5ce93a2 add quick start section and reorg usage

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