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v0.1.0-alpha1 · public · Published almost 4 years ago

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3729359 Merge pull request #18 from sensu/issue/testing
8f02563 Merge pull request #20 from sensu/event-names
d71e05b added the remainder of tests, some with fake-ish data
e98e213 simplify some field splitting
37571c2 remove redundant ToLower
a0edeee Change msg to msgFields for readability, simplify verb extraction
4f14ae4 additional replicaset test
c363021 document replicaset logic
c205513 refactor event naming logic
099abbd added 1 replicaset test
4672f7d Merge pull request #17 from sensu/issue/event_timestamp
979f5ab Revert "re-organize TestCreateSensuEvent test cases"
42cde82 re-organize TestCreateSensuEvent test cases
f32ab18 re-organize TestCreateSensuEvent test cases
cf98d48 set event timestamp to k8sevent lasttimestamp
b4e8564 Merge pull request #14 from sensu/link_to_sig
796fde4 internal auth clarification
e0e3ed2 Merge pull request #12 from sensu/experiment/event-naming-conventions
52d7ec6 fix/add tests
d5b117c remove unneeded conditional
526e079 updated event naming
7898f4f add namespaces explanation
879c90e map certain replicaset events to the corresponding pod
3bad25c fix linter and teset
7705823 fmt fix
9773057 add case for namespace all
9a8bc6a updated README
08235d6 fix test to match default entity naming scheme
db9ee4e fixed default event naming
1a96ec9 fetch k8s namespace from stdin; use more obvious container fieldPath parsing; use lowercased component; updated entity naming
951729a gofmt style updates
73fdbf5 experimenting with some different event naming conventions
bba48b7 Added link to SIG in README
3c9dc26 Merge pull request #10 from sensu/agent_api_url_flag
29625b9 make url correct in test
706c2de added node entity naming and changed to a switch statement
189c044 added --agent-api-url
bf7bdaf minor readme update
8713cbf fix output for when events do not match interval
f015156 attempt to fix lint action timeout
bd18423 Updates about check definition, reformatting
ed957a5 Fix return value
ab14836 typo in README
f5a3a75 Add tests, and fix assert.Equal orders
42b340b check and repo name changes
570aca6 Updated README
38d7702 fixed linter error
fd773e1 check naming and reformatted event outputs
4cbcf09 Lots of additions, including testing
7df8e0e typo
4a3295a formatting
dfdaa29 initial commit

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