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  • 4ef9132 update readme with v2 and v1.8 configuration examples
  • 4fb94e1 preparing for 4.0.0 release
  • f7d4122 Merge pull request #52 from sensu/js/refactor-support-v2
  • d513681 Fix for mistaken case change in arguments during refactoring
  • 23c5b65 update readme
  • 867f6dd make linter happy
  • f0d5128 update github action logic
  • 21bfa80 complete refactor using test against influx 1.8.x in workshop environment
  • fb34821 refactor precision argument to work with new influx client sdk
  • 0f38c69 refactor to use latest sdk; fix testing
  • 99de5c9 refactor to use latest influxdb go client with support for v1.8+ and v2.0+
  • 2b4c658 Fix summary links in readme
  • 01ee597 Update README with InfluxDBv2 compat instructions

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