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034de78 preparing for 1.2.2 release
aeb8d11 quick fix for time drift in test
41e55cc preparing for 1.2.2 release
5b71739 Merge pull request #69 from sensu/js/html-linebreaks
df89a03 fix time drift in test
a7069bf refactor StringLines and add new test
cf5ec0f make linter happy; happy linters make for happy users
94856f2 use golang stdlib packages for multi-line splitting
0cfadee Merge branch 'main' into js/html-linebreaks
b4d4b2b Add new templating function StringLines to split multi-line strings that will allow you to correctly html format multi-line strings using golang templating range functinality:
4041938 update the github action for linter

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