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sensu-email-handler (4) Versions 0.2.0 Supported Tier

Sensu Go Email Handler Plugin

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45eaac0 Bump the changelog for 0.2.0 release 4741a6f Merge pull request #23 from nixwiz/loginauth 55b6140 Change useLoginAuth to enableLoginAuth and fix error message to match new argument 3e6e2ba rename argument variable loginauth to useLoginAuth to clear up confusion with loginAuth type 1a1e318 Update main.go 7a1ca5d Added subjectTemplate config option for managing subject contents 5bfdee5 Enable annotations by adding pluginconfig keyspace, document annotation usage 020a742 added HTML email support c0bd236 Added login auth support ee77a45 Merge pull request #21 from sayakju/sensu-go-plugin-usage 7690346 Adding direct dependency on 83b2b85 Check if SmtpPort is out of uint16 range b50784c Sensu go plugin integration 2e6f559 Using default smtp port as a variable 3a21953 Remove unnecessary dependency on "os" package from main.go 3acc9c9 Initial commit

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