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v0.1.0 · public · Published over 2 years ago

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  • 462df76 Merge pull request #10 from sensu/cloudfront-presets
  • c8fb8f4 Add queries and presets fro AWS CloudFront
  • 797c1e0 make linter happy
  • 46ee69d attempt to fix broken test in github actions
  • 7179958 stub in output test
  • 052555a refactor output so that it can be tested for conformance
  • d6a3a87 clean up output to conform to prometheus requirements
  • 4fb158e make region a presetable
  • 7c0e41b make --period-minutes a presetable configuration option
  • f8f61f0 add envvar argument support
  • 45379be initial explanation for presets and custom config
  • 90ffe6f make it possible to disable max result page limit
  • 4414a3d small clean up on verbose output
  • aa1cb06 more work on ec2 and cloudfront presets
  • 967ec95 fix cloudfront tests
  • 5004bc1 add ec2 and cloudfront presets
  • 693cd0d add EC2 preset
  • 43f4891 Add application preset type
  • ab94e8f refactor to make Metric filter override work for common preset type
  • 1a3a7b1 start filling in readme
  • 9420185 increase test coverage
  • aa29c08 fix failing test
  • ea2be47 working custom json config --config argument
  • 5212b4c working json config option
  • eb0fb9e working configuration output cmdline option
  • 74f704f more work for generating measurement config
  • 15e04eb preparing to expose function to generate preset configuration string
  • 211cf32 start work on GetMeasurementString function for presets
  • f27a63d refactor
  • a4d5bfa make all preset defines configuredable via json string representation
  • 8bff309 more refactoring of preset logic
  • 8bf0890 more refactoring
  • 1538a5f refactor presets
  • 1dc4bb3 fix AddStats for None preset
  • 3e64a3c continue the refactoring
  • 1852b92 update testing
  • 9d29416 fix test broken in preset refactor
  • 7254110 refactor ELB preset to CLB for classic load balancer
  • a0d217a working classic loadbalancer preset!
  • 756af4e initial work on ELB metric configuration
  • 465cce6 stub in ELB preset object
  • 4a8124a refactor presets preparing for service specific presets
  • 5074ff0 refactor to make room for presets
  • cfa1ec0 rough in support for metric configuration json
  • 35e7be4 provide verbose summary of metrics with no results
  • 0cbda3b extend test coverage
  • 99600b2 make data period default to 1 minute
  • 1319bf8 refactor to pack GetMetricData efficiently with MetricsQueries
  • 717db99 fix looping logic
  • 32ff47f refactor to reduce number of calls of GetMetricData needed
  • 577eb34 add DimensionFilter string slice argument ex usage: sensu-cloudwatch-check -n -N "AWS/ELB" -D "LoadBalancerName, AvailabilityZone
  • c48a788 switch to snake_case for readability
  • 32d8d8a fix testing
  • 735a7c4 add dry-run option to just list metrics that would have been created
  • 85fc00a add testing, coverage at 86%
  • 0e0f5f0 add samplecount to stats list
  • 33f6b27 working prometheus output
  • 23ac0c3 starting work on outputing prom metrics format
  • 05d6c9e fix test by setting plugin.MaxPages
  • 2c2039e extend plugin operations for metric queries
  • 9c4edae commiting working suboptimal GetMetricData call
  • bfa3c3a baseline mock test of GetMetricData now in place
  • 78205c1 initialize repo using sensu-plugin-tool and aws-plugin-template

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