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v0.1.0 · public · Published 5 months ago

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  • 4aaab71 Merge pull request #2 from sensu/initial-implementation
  • aeb2107 more user friendly error message for url parse error
  • ceb7922 Require file:// prefix for file certificate locations
  • f8f370c Add tag for subject CN
  • 2f08973 changes per code review
  • 238b201 update readme with up to date help output
  • 974ca74 Fix timeout
  • a28d9e6 concise error output
  • 81d18d9 Add HELP descriptions for metrics
  • e74c65c Include servername tag when specified
  • 2af07de Validate hostname when servername is supplied
  • 27f2410 Include Option for ServerName Extension
  • 9cd815a Update README with basics
  • 7e0c2f5 remember to close files
  • b54ef06 accomidate windows file paths
  • b915d7c upgrade to go1.17.x
  • d2fc036 Passing ci-lint
  • f16b73a Add initial implementation of cert checks
  • bce2501 bootstrap cert-checks

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