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  • bin/check-cloudwatch-mysql-sensu.rb
  • bin/check-mysql-alive.rb
  • bin/check-mysql-status.rb
  • bin/check-mysql-connections.rb
  • bin/check-mysql-disk.rb
  • bin/check-mysql-innodb-lock.rb
  • bin/check-mysql-threads.rb
  • bin/check-mysql-query-result-count.rb
  • bin/check-mysql-select-count.rb
  • bin/check-mysql-msr-replication-status.rb
  • bin/metrics-mysql-graphite.rb
  • bin/metrics-mysql-processes.rb
  • bin/metrics-mysql-raw.rb
  • bin/metrics-mysql.rb
  • bin/metrics-mysql-query-result-count.rb
  • bin/mysql-metrics.sql



        "hostname": "localhost",
        "username": "sensu_user",
        "password": "sensu_user_pass"

metrics-mysql-graphite example:

/opt/sensu/embedded/bin$ /opt/sensu/embedded/bin/ruby metrics-mysql-graphite.rb --host=localhost --port=3306 --user=collectd --pass=tflypass --socket=/data/mysql.sock

check-mysql-connections example

/opt/sensu/embedded/bin$ /opt/sensu/embedded/bin/ruby check-mysql-connections.rb --host=localhost --port=3306 --user=collectd --pass=tflypass --socket=/data/mysql.sock

check-mysql-connections example with ini file to hide credentials

$ /opt/sensu/embedded/bin/check-mysql-connections.rb --host=<DBHOST> --ini=/etc/sensu/my.ini

check-mysql-alive example

$ /opt/sensu/embedded/bin/check-mysql-alive.rb --host=<DBHOST> --ini=/etc/sensu/my.ini --ini-section=customsection

check-mysql-disk example (note: you must supply max disk size)

$ /opt/sensu/embedded/bin/check-mysql-disk.rb --host=<DBHOST> --ini=/etc/sensu/my.ini --size <MAX_DB_SIZE>

check-mysql-innodb-lock example

$ /opt/sensu/embedded/bin/check-mysql-innodb-lock.rb --host=<DBHOST> --ini=/etc/sensu/my.ini

check-mysql-threads example

$ /opt/sensu/embedded/bin/check-mysql-threads.rb --host=<DBHOST> --ini=/etc/sensu/my.ini --warnlow 0

check-mysql-replication-status example

$ /opt/sensu/embedded/bin/check-mysql-replication-status.rb --host=<SLAVE> --ini=/etc/sensu/my.ini

check-mysql-msr-replication-status example

$ /opt/sensu/embedded/bin/check-mysql-replication-status.rb --host=<SLAVE> --ini=/etc/sensu/my.ini

check-mysql-query-result-count example

/opt/sensu/embedded/bin$ /opt/sensu/embedded/bin/ruby check-mysql-query-result-count.rb --host=localhost --port=3306 --user=collectd --pass=tflypass --socket=/data/mysql.sock --warning 1 --critical 10 --query 'SELECT DISTINCT( FROM table t where t.failed = true'

check-mysql-select-count example

/opt/sensu/embedded/bin$ /opt/sensu/embedded/bin/ruby check-mysql-select-count.rb --host=localhost --port=3306 --user=collectd --pass=tflypass --socket=/data/mysql.sock --warning 30000 --critical 50000 --query 'SELECT count(*) FROM table t'

metrics-mysql-query-result-count example

/opt/sensu/embedded/bin$ /opt/sensu/embedded/bin/ruby metrics-mysql-query-result-count.rb --host=localhost --port=3306 --user=collectd --pass=tflypass --socket=/data/mysql.sock --query 'SELECT DISTINCT( FROM table t where t.failed = true'


In keeping with the principle of least privilege you should create a new user with the minimum required permissions. See the table below for minimum permissions for each check.

Check Permissions
check-mysql-alive.rb SELECT
check-mysql-connections.rb SELECT
check-mysql-disk.rb SELECT
check-mysql-innodb-lock.rb PROCESS
check-mysql-query-result-count.rb depends on query
check-mysql-select-count.rb SELECT
check-mysql-replication-status.rb SUPER OR REPLICATION_CLIENT (the latter is preferable)
check-mysql-msr-replication-status.rb SELECT
check-mysql-status.rb SELECT
check-mysql-threads.rb SELECT
metrics-mysql-graphite.rb SELECT
metrics-mysql-processes.rb SELECT
metrics-mysql-query-result-count.rb depends on query
metrics-mysql-raw.rb SELECT
metrics-mysql.rb INSERT into sensumetrics.sensu_historic_metrics

I would recommend using different users when you need to have more than RO access (REPLICATION_CLIENT or using the metrics handler) to limit the potential ramifications of that user being compromised.


Installation and Setup


The ruby executables are install in path similar to /opt/sensu/embedded/lib/ruby/gems/2.0.0/gems/sensu-plugins-mysql-0.0.4/bin


When used in chef, if the dependencies are missing, an error may abort the chef-client run:

*** extconf.rb failed ***
Could not create Makefile due to some reason, probably lack of
necessary libraries and/or headers.  Check the mkmf.log file for more
details.  You may need configuration options.

This may be fixed by installing the mysql client library before the plugin:

package "libmysqlclient-dev" do
  action :install

sensu_gem 'sensu-plugins-mysql' do version '0.0.4' end

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