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  • bin/check-chronos.rb
  • bin/check-metronome.rb
  • bin/check-marathon.rb
  • bin/check-marathon-apps.rb
  • bin/check-mesos.rb
  • bin/check-mesos-cpu-balance.rb
  • bin/check-mesos-disk-balance.rb
  • bin/check-mesos-gpu-balance.rb
  • bin/check-mesos-mem-balance.rb
  • bin/metrics-marathon.rb
  • bin/metrics-mesos.rb



Note: This check is an unconventional one. It won't output a check result as many
other conventional check scripts, and will publish multiple check results via
the local sensu agent endpoint, effectively breaks the expectation of 1:1
mapping between check-definition and check-results.

This plugin checks Marathon apps based on .
It produces two check results per application. One for the apps health and
another check result for the apps status.

Check results can be customised by two ways:

  1. Default check result fields thats applied to all will be provided by a
    default check config. Please see the source code to see the whole defaults.
    Since the whole default check config tends to be big, you can also use
    check-config-overrides flag just to provide few new fields or override
    existing defaults.
  2. Application owners can override check results by using marathon labels. This
    allows each application to have different fields in the published result.
    e.g. per app escalation or aggregate can be controlled by applying Marathon
    labels to the apps.
SENSU_MARATHON_CONTACT = team_a_rotation
SENSU_MARATHON_AGGREGATE = this_apps_aggregate  # will be applied to both `status` and `health` check results
SENSU_MARATHON_STATUS_AGGREGATE = status_aggregate  # status result of the app have different aggregate
SENSU_MARATHON_HEALTH_AGGREGATE = health_aggregate  # health result of the app have different aggregate
SENSU_MARATHON_STATUS_UNSCHEDULED_STATUS = 0  # Disable the check's fail status for this app when it's in unscheduled state.

The override templates that could be used in marathon app labels are:

SENSU_MARATHON_<check_result_field>  # will be applied all below if not overridden
SENSU_MARATHON_STATUS_<check_result_field>  # will be applied all status states if not overridden
SENSU_MARATHON_HEALTH_<check_result_field>  # will be applied all healt states if not overridden


  • check_result_field could be any field in json.
  • status_state is one of "waiting", "delayed", "suspended", "deploying" or "running".
  • health_state is one of "unscheduled", "overcapacity", "staged", "unknown", "unhealthy" or "healthy".

Example run:

$ check-marathon-task.rb
heckMarathonApps OK: Marathon Apps Status and Health check is running properly

The command output of the check script will always be same independently from
which apps are being checked, but you'll see 2 check-results per app like these
in sensu:

  "name": "check_marathon_app_test_status",
  "executed": 1519305736,
  "marathon": {
    "id": "/test",
    "version": "2018-02-20T15:09:43.086Z",
    "versionInfo": {
      "lastScalingAt": "2018-02-20T15:09:43.086Z",
      "lastConfigChangeAt": "2018-02-20T15:09:43.086Z"
    "tasksStaged": 0,
    "tasksRunning": 1,
    "tasksHealthy": 1,
    "tasksUnhealthy": 0
  "output": "STATUS Unscheduled - tasksRunning(1), tasksStaged(0), tasksHealthy(1), tasksUnhealthy(0)",
  "ttl": 10,
  "source": "marathon",
  "status": 2
  "name": "check_marathon_app_test_health",
  "executed": 1519305736,
  "marathon": {
    "id": "/test",
    "version": "2018-02-20T15:09:43.086Z",
    "versionInfo": {
      "lastScalingAt": "2018-02-20T15:09:43.086Z",
      "lastConfigChangeAt": "2018-02-20T15:09:43.086Z"
    "tasksStaged": 0,
    "tasksRunning": 1,
    "tasksHealthy": 1,
    "tasksUnhealthy": 0
  "output": "HEALTH Healthy - tasksRunning(1), tasksStaged(0), tasksHealthy(1), tasksUnhealthy(0)",
  "ttl": 10,
  "source": "marathon",
  "status": 0


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