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  • bin/check-load.rb
  • bin/metrics-load.rb



To see the list of full options you can run:

$ ./bin/check-load.rb --help
Usage: ./bin/check-load.rb (options)
    -c, --crit L1,L5,L15             Load CRITICAL threshold, 1/5/15 min average
    -p, --per-core                   Divide load average results by cpu/core count
    -w, --warn L1,L5,L15             Load WARNING threshold, 1/5/15 min average

This check will only work on linux systems as it relies on cat /proc/loadavg and cat /proc/cpuinfo. The check now defaults to using the per_core option which will take the loadavg and divide by the number of cores. You can use -w/-c with a comma separated value for 1/5/15 minute thresholds.


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