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  • Extension: ; 'test_disable_cgo' did not contain a valid version string: 'x.y.z' or 'x.y'.
  • Version 0.1.3: cannot find a Bonsai configuration file

v0.1.3 · public · Published 16 days ago

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:rocket: Enhancements & User Facing Changes

check_http now supports querying a JSON response with the GoJSONQ package. See the examples below for using this new feature.

.\check_http.exe -h
#Perform an HTTP get request and assert whether it is OK, warning or critical.
#  check_http [flags]
#  check_http [command]
#Available Commands:
#  help        Help about any command
#  version     Print the version
#  -e, --expectedValue string   The expected response data value
#  -f, --format string          The expected response format: json
#  -h, --help                   help for check_http
#  -p, --path string            The path in the return value data to test against the expected value
#  -r, --redirect               follow redirects?
#  -t, --timeout int            timeout in seconds (default 15)
#  -u, --url string             the URL to check (default "")
#Use "check_http [command] --help" for more information about a command.

.\check_http.exe -u
# CheckHttp OK - Url responded with 200

.\check_http.exe -u  -f json -p id -e HeaFdiyIJe
# CheckHttp OK - Url responded with 200. The value found at id has expected value HeaFdiyIJe

.\check_http.exe -u  -f json -p id -e UROBOROS
# CheckHttp CRITICAL - Url responded with 200. The value found at id has unexpected value HeaFdiyIJe

.\check_http.exe -u  -f json -p "[0].value" -e HeaFdiyIJe
# CheckHttp CRITICAL - Url responded with 200. The value found at[0].value has unexpected value <nil>

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