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Baseline health checks for Sensu, written in go.

Very early in development, just a couple of checks finished:


There are three goals for this project:

  1. a direct goal: provide a set of basic tests, which can replace currently used ruby checks
  2. write a go library to help writing go check plugins. This can easily spin off as a separate project, with wider goal (like supporting metrics, or other kinds of extensions for Sensu GO)
  3. provide a magefile to help publishing assets for Sensu GO


This project is licensed under Blue Oak Model License v1.0.0. It is not registered either at OSI or GNU, therefore GitHub is widely looking at the other direction. However, this is the license I'm most happy with: you can read and understand it with no legal degree, and there are no hidden or cryptic meanings in it.

The project is also governed with Contributor Covenant's Code of Conduct in mind. I'm not copying it here, as a pledge for taking the verbatim version by the word, and we are not going to modify it in any way.

Any issues?

Open a ticket, perhaps a pull request. We support GitHub Flow. You might want to fork this project first.

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