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v0.1.0 · public · Published about 2 years ago

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Proof of concept generic http handler

This handler should be considered experimental and entirely unsupported.

If you are interested in extending or fixing this, you are encourage to fork this repo.


sensu-http-handler --help
Proof of concept generic http handler

  sensu-http-handler [flags]
  sensu-http-handler [command]

Available Commands:
  completion  Generate the autocompletion script for the specified shell
  help        Help about any command
  version     Print the version number of this plugin

      --header stringToString   Add additional HTTP header in format key=value (ex: 'X-Sensu-Header=test value') can be used multiple times (default [])
  -h, --help                    help for sensu-http-handler
      --insecure-skip-verify    Skip TLS verifications for https urls
  -m, --method string           The http(s) method: POST and PATCH supported (default "POST")
  -u, --url string              The http(s) url
  -v, --verbose                 Verbose logging

Important Arguments


Required. This is the full path to the http(s) endpoint you need to POST/PATCH


The HTTP method, currently supported POST and PATCH. Defaults to POST


This allows you to add headers using a key=value pattern. You can use this multiple times, each time calling a different key to set multiple headers.

Environment Variables

Argument Environment Variable


Neither handler templating nor annotation override features are available for this handler because of the way it operates.

What it's suppose to do.

Ideally this handler should allow you to post (posibly mutated) json representation of Sensu events to a random http endpoint (like a webhook)

If you need to modify the json event representation in any way, you'll need to do that as part of a Sensu mutator called prior to using the handler.

Unlike other Sensu handlers using the plugin sdk, that read stdin and use it as a Sensu event object, this handler doesn't try to do that and just ships stdin as the body of a http POST request.
So as a result, it can't do some things that relying on a valid event being passed to (like handler templating)

Why not just use curl in a shell script as a handler command?

Good question. This is exactly what I would normally do.
But there are situations where using Sensu assets are preferred and curl is difficult to package as an asset because of its library dependencies.

So here we are, This golang executable should be relatively easy to package as a Sensu asset, and should expose just enough http configuration to allow you to send data to a simple webhook url expecting json data.

It will not be as featureful as a curl script, though. So if you need advanced http features like proxy support or private cert, this proof-of-concept handler problably isn't going to get there out of the box.

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