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v0.1.7 · public · Published 10 months ago

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linux 386
SHA: da76a108ff1988701890f8137f1fd92ea71d9d9c2f136d528924e21c053e336f
Last Modified: 2019-11-24
linux amd64
SHA: a252ec12ce6d0e18c53d523cc7fb63a251cc0f9ebedcd1e557ae848dd99a5e2e
Last Modified: 2019-11-24
linux arm64
SHA: 7460c41892ff69dce1a9757dcaf872ae1754888d33d2e8f18ac22b19b3e70d30
Last Modified: 2019-11-24
linux armv7
SHA: c698eafbe3e0509365d89f91017177bd5593169fc68e570fa53b48a84cdb1ea8
Last Modified: 2019-11-24
OSX 386
SHA: 81f7a0626aa7dda26ce89a0b8c849cb6f6243a4e239b9a9c08326544a8bd8256
Last Modified: 2019-11-24
OSX amd64
SHA: 2148a99713520e10d3dff6f6621d7d1f024b68559e5e3849820f4a9786d7eeac
Last Modified: 2019-11-24
Windows amd64
SHA: 079d5d780207b1bba04dd28b9b42d0e482266cb30b03031e658591736e8d4cf2
Last Modified: 2019-11-24

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