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v0.4.0 · public · Published 6 months ago

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10f6905 Merge pull request #7 from sensu/ch/command-mode
4dde660 remove unused arguments
4d673f2 updated usage examples
58778a5 update linter
fe260e0 fix linter errors
cc6ea79 updated
aef010a add support for entity mgmt annotations; updated readme+changelog
9120482 refactor label/annotation commands to functions; add an --add-all mode
802e76e add support for managing entity labels via --add-labels
ef81a46 Merge pull request #6 from nixwiz/maintenance/handler_updates
84f3562 Update CHANGELOG
009f8a9 Fix linter error
0db9363 * Q1 '21 handler maintenance: * Updated modules (go get -u && go mod tidy) * Add pull_request to lint and test GitHub Actions * Ran gofmt on source files * README updates

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