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Sensu Assets: Monitoring Plugins


An attempt at packaging individual C plugins from the excellent Monitoring
Plugins project ([1] in the Sensu Go
Asset format. The goal of the project is to provide a simple workflow for
creating a Sensu Go Asset containing the C plugins.


The goal of this project is to provide Sensu Go Assets for CentOS Linux, Debian
Linux, and Alpine Linux containing all of the plugins from the Monitoring
Plugins project.

Current Status

Currently, This project will attempt to provide support for the following plugins:

  • check_disk
  • check_dns
  • check_http
  • check_ntp
  • check_ntp_peer
  • check_ntp_time
  • check_ping
  • check_procs
  • check_smtp
  • check_ssh
  • check_swap
  • check_tcp
  • check_time
  • check_users

Next Steps

In no particular order:

  • Add support for platform-specific exclusions in the build script (i.e. if
    check_snmp is available for CentOS and Debian, but not for Alpine, just skip
    it on Alpine?)
  • Build the plugins from scratch instead of installing the distribution packages
    (which are inconsistent between Alpine, Debian, and CentOS)
  • Hook up a CI pipeline to automate the builds


  1. Clone this repo:

    $ git clone
    $ cd sensu-assets-monitoring-plugins
  2. Build the Docker containers and extract the Sensu assets:

    $ ./

    NOTE: if your local docker installation is configured to require root access
    you will need to run the build script as root (i.e. sudo ./

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