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v2.3.0-pre.1 · public · Published over 2 years ago

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Publishing a release on this fork via goreleaser release so I can then add on bonsai and just make the whole thing easier. Would be nicer if there was something like sensuctl asset add --local though.


  • --group-template
  • --class-template
  • --timestamp-template
  • --send-details-as-json

See: for more details.


e2f0eb7 gofmt changes
6f7dde8 Add CHANGELOG entry for additional PD-CEF fields
cc692f1 Add option to process and send the details template as JSON
720091e Use templating for the additional PD-CEF fields (Timestamp, Class, Group)
c1194e0 Initial changes to allow all PD-CEF fields to be sent

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