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v4.1.1 · public · Published over 4 years ago

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This check supports docker versions >= 1.18. Check docker-engine API for more information


  • check-container.rb
  • check-container-logs.rb
  • check-docker-container.rb
  • metrics-docker-container.rb
  • metrics-docker-stats.rb
  • metrics-docker-info.rb


Default docker host

By default, all the checks will try to use a default docker host if a specific docker host is not provided to the check on the command line (-H <docker_host> / --docker-host <docker_host>).

Those paramaters will be tried in this order as default docker host :

DOCKER_URL environnement variable
DOCKER_HOST environnement variable
/var/run/docker.sock file


Installation and Setup


docker-engine API

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