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v1.0.1 · public · Published over 3 years ago

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Sensu Go Node.JS Runtime Assets

This project, inspired by sensu-ruby-runtime,
provides Sensu Go Assets containing portable Node.JS
runtimes. In practice, this Node.JS runtime asset should allow
Node.JS-based scripts (e.g. Sensu Community plugins) to be
packaged as separate assets containing Node.JS scripts and any corresponding npm
dependencies. In this way, a single shared Node.JS runtime may be delivered to
systems running the new Sensu Go Agent via the new Sensu's new Asset framework
(i.e. avoiding solutions that would require a Node.JS runtime to be redundantly
packaged with every Node.JS-based plugin).

Platform Coverage

Currently, this repository supports "generic" Linux (including the
official sensu/sensu-rhel Docker image)
and Alpine 3.9+, upon which the
official sensu/sensu Docker image is built.

If you would like extend the coverage, please take a look at the Github Action integration and associated Dockerfiles
and build scripts. I'm happy to take pull requests that extending the platform coverage.

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