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v0.0.10 · public · Published about 3 years ago

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This is a very simple Redis, Mariadb and Mongo check of connectivity written in Python. To make it a single file I used Pyinstaller.

Why create another Redis check

The current ones I found here don't want to work so I created my own. Also I wanted to be able to run simple tests written in Python quickly. But I needed those tests to be able to call to external modules so I ended up using Pyinstaller to make the tests executable.

If you want to use this repo as blueprint to build your own checks consider that in the file I use docker to build executables to the same machine specification of the Sensu alpine image.

To install

sensuctl asset add maikeldotuk/sensu-database-check

Pass the next environment variables in your check config (eg: for Redis):

REDIS_PORT (if ommited uses default)

To know what to pass to each test check the Python file of each one. They are self-explanatory

Example configuration

type: CheckConfig
api_version: core/v2
  name: check_redis
  namespace: default
  command: check_redis
  - slack
  interval: 60
  publish: true
  - maikeldotuk/sensu-redis-simple-test
  - system
  timeout: 0

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