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Forked from: sensu-plugins/sensu-plugins-chrony

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Sensu plugins for chrony NTP

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Sensu plugin for monitoring Chrony NTP

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A sensu plugin to monitor Chrony NTP. There is also a metrics plugin for collecting things like offset, delay etc.

The plugin generates multiple OK/WARN/CRIT/UNKNOWN check events via the sensu client socket ( so that you do not miss state changes when monitoring offset, stratum and status.


System-wide installation:

$ gem install sensu-plugins-chrony

Embedded sensu installation:

$ /opt/sensu/embedded/bin/gem install sensu-plugins-chrony


  • bin/check-chrony.rb
  • bin/metrics-chrony.rb


The plugin accepts the following command line options:

Usage: check-chrony.rb (options)
    -c, --chronyc-cmd <PATH>         Path to chronyc executable (default: /usr/bin/chronyc)
        --crit-offset <OFFSET>       Critical if OFFSET exceeds current offset (ms)
        --crit-stratum <STRATUM>     Critical if STRATUM exceeds current stratum
        --dryrun                     Do not send events to sensu client socket
        --handlers <HANDLERS>        Comma separated list of handlers
        --warn-offset <OFFSET>       Warn if OFFSET exceeds current offset (ms)
        --warn-stratum <STRATUM>     Warn if STRATUM exceeds current stratum

Use the --handlers command line option to specify which handlers you want to use for the generated events.


Matteo Cerutti -

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