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Sensu-Plugins-twiliob 2

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  • bin/check-num-recordings.rb
  • bin/handler-twiliosms.rb


      "+11111111111": {
        "sensu_roles":[ "web-server" ],
        "sensu_level": 1
      "+11111222222": {
        "sensu_checks":[ "mysql-alive" ],
        "sensu_level": 2

token, sid, and number from twilio account configuration.

sensu_checks -> matching checks

sensu_roles -> matching subscribers or special values:

  • all matches all events
  • keepalive matches keepalive events

sensu_level -> minimum matching check return status value

  • 0 -> activate for all check statuses: ok+warning+critical+unknown
  • 1 -> activate for warning+critical+unknown
  • 2 -> activate for critical+unknown
  • 3 -> activate for unknown


Installation and Setup


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